Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Honeywell HVAC System a Highly Efficient System?

Honeywell HVAC system uses an inverter compressor with more than 30 variable stage settings, compared to single or two stage equipment most common in the market. With more than 30 variable stage settings, the system will run more efficiently while having the ability to use 25-110% capacity of the compressor.  This allows the system to startup and shutoff slowly, and it will run on average between 25-45% of capacity most of the time.  This is in comparison to single or two stage systems that run at 50% or 100% capacity all the time. This slow startup and shutoff along with running at a lower capacity are what save you on your monthly energy bill.

How much could I save on my energy with a Honeywell HVAC System?

Compared to an older 10-13 SEER single stage system, a new Honeywell HVAC system could save you as much as 35-50% on your monthly energy bills.

How Efficient is a Honeywell HVAC System?

Its Heat Pumps are rated a 16-20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), 9.5-10.5 HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) and 10-12.5 EER (Energy Efficiency Rating).  The base required base ratings by the DOE (Department of Energy) is 13 SEER, 8.2 HSPF, ​and 10 EER.  Honeywell HVAC is one of the most efficient systems on the market because of the use of 40 stage compressor running at 25-45% capacity the majority of the time it is on.

Why is it recommended that the Honeywell HVAC system have a Surge Protector put on at the time of installation?

Unlike the single or two-stage equipment on the market, which uses older technology, the Honeywell HVAC variable speed inverter compressor with more than 30 stages uses a PC Board much like your computer.  These highly-technical​ boards are sensitive and susceptible to voltage spikes like​ brownouts, power outages, and lighting strikes. Just as your smart TV and computers use surge protectors inside your home, the Honeywell HVAC  system needs that same protection outside on the outdoor unit.  The surge protector will protect the PC Board from any damage that may be caused by​ a voltage spike, ​brownout, power outage, ​and lighting strikes.  The warranty could be voided if a surge protector is not installed on the system and a voltage spike event occurs.